Ex-S Recycling Ltd is a small Leicester based, family run business aiming to reduce the quantity of plastics ending up in landfill through a program of re-use and recycling.

Initially we are concentrating on setting up a reprocessing extrusion line for rigid polystyrene and HIPS (Recycling No 6), once operational we hope to be expanding to develop an efficient collection method for expanded polystyrene (EPS), one of the most problematic forms of plastic due to its low density. 

We are also working with local businesses to divert plastic offcuts and scrap from landfill through careful management, segregation and recycling processes. If your business or workplace generates even only moderate volumes of easily separable plastics please contact us to arrange a site visit and survey. 

Artists and Students may be interested in our Craft shop where we are diverting interesting pieces from the recycling-stream for your projects.

Please click Extruder Services for our sister company offering specialised engineering, measurement and alignment services to the plastics industry in the UK and further afield.